ZVT Radio: Anneli Hulthén

Shipping in the Gothenburg region

Listen to the interview with Anneli Hulthén, Executive Mayor, City of Gothenburg, or read the transcript below.


Anneli Hulthén, Executive Mayor, City of Gothenburg, welcome to Zero Vision Tool radio, interviewing at the Motorways of the Sea conference in Gothenburg. Can you please introduce yourself and your role here at Motorways of the Sea?

Thank you. My role here at the conference is to present the view of the City of Gothenburg on cooperation with other ports and the Commission on – of course, the subject for the day – the Motorways of the Sea. The City of Gothenburg has been actively taking part in Motorways of the Sea for quite a few years now.

What is your experience of the conference so far?

It seems that there is a huge interest in participating in the conference and I’m very happy about that, especially considering the subject, because this is normally a very traditional industry, but now you can see new technology playing a bigger part, for example here in Gothenburg with the on-shore power supply. So it is interesting to see that an industry that we think of as quite stable nowadays is becoming something modern.

Can you tell us about your conference opening speech on the topic of shipping in this region?

I was trying to describe what Gothenburg is, what kind of city we are, where we are situated but also how we have been working with trade and shipping for many, many years and how we are trying to develop it nowadays and cooperate with other cities and ports.

What is your view on the role of shipping for the development of Gothenburg?

I think that it is crucial because we rely very much on the Port of Gothenburg, and it is not just a port for the City of Gothenburg, it is a port for the whole of Scandinavia. So much of the export industry is inside of the City of Gothenburg. We need to get it out of the city and we need to get new products into the city, so the port and therefore shipping are crucial for the city.

Thank you.