Almedalen Radio

During the week, ZVT had the opportunity to chat with many interesting people on topics related to the work carried out on the ZVT platform. Four of them were kind enough to give their opinions on tape. Each person is commenting on the basis of their specific expertise and profession. Follow the links to listen to the interviews in Swedish or read the English translation.

Indexing for greener shipping

Mattias Rust, Maritime Officer at WWF, on incentives to encourage safer and more environmentally efficient transport at sea.

Counteracting a modal backshift

Karolina Boholm, Director of Transport Policy at the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, talks about her view on a possible modal backshift.

Quick adaptation is essential

Annika Lundius, Deputy Director-General of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, on transport by sea, the Sulphur Directive and innovation.

Cost, sustainability and time

Per Bondemark, Chairman of the Swedish Shippers’ Council, talks about important parameters when purchasing transport services.