Reality Check the Method & Joint Industry Projects

Below some of the Method and some of the JIP results so far.

Some of the Method Results

  • Provides foundation for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Commitment of stakeholders – both, private and public – has been secured, to jointly work for the zero-vision by 2050.
  • Methodology, routines and administrative infrastructure is provided to the stakeholders, based on their needs.
  • A structural approach based on concrete basic pillars was developed, that enabels delivery of zero-vision solutions. The pillars are: vessel (technology and calculation), infrastructure (responsibilities and increased opportunities), financing (short and long term), research and development (environmental efficiency and safety in the future), as well as regulations' development (for new areas or to reach consensus between transportation modes).
  • Provided basis for formulating the concept and proposal for Baltic Sustainable Shipping Toolbox.
  • Provides basis for measuring effectiveness of its own functioning and benefit to the society and the Baltic and North Sea, as well as the modal shift/back-shift in terms of measuring direct and indirect costs as well as social aspects.
  • Provides a way of sharing knowledge within Motorways of the Sea on behalf of the European Commission.

Some of the JIP results

  • The first ferry in the world to be run on Methanol: Methanol is being tested as an alternative fuel that contains no sulphur and thus enables full compliance with the Sulphur Directive.
  • The first LNG bunker vessel in the world of this type: The first vessel with fast, efficient and safe bunkering system for LNG bunkering on- and offshore is being build.
  • The first hub for LNG bunkering in Scandinavia is being developed.
  • The first vessel converted into an LNG fuelled vessel will start operating in 2015.
  • The first dry bulk cargo vessel in the world to be run by LNG: A cement carrier with LNG powered propulsion and without losing cargo carrying capacity is being built.
  • The first installed light weight scrubber solution in the world: Innovative solution for equipping a vessel with the scrubber for cleaning of sulphur oxide exhaust fumes was developed.
  • Major regulatory, cross-national and cross-sectorial coordination and harmonisation challenges for LNG shipping were identified.