ZVT White Paper

ZVT believes that increast transport by sea contributes to increased economic growth & welfare, while reducing negative environmental & climate impacts, number of accidents & energy consumptions. With that in mind the Zero Vison Tool method was developed in 2011. 

Today representatives from 160 organisations from the industry, academy, agencies & administrations meet to share experiences & establish common workable sustainable solutions. To reach the vision zero, the process of change was started, and is still on-going..

The sources used to write the White Paper ranged from regulation documents, policy papers, briefs and communications as well as strategic reports, the Joint Industry and University Projects’ quarterly reports, to marketing and public administration studies and, last but not least, testimonials of ZVT stakeholders as the owners of the ZVT idea. The joint authorship of the White Paper belongs to all actors within the ZVT platform without whose daily work, contributions and testimonials this paper could not have been written. 

We hope that you will enjoy the journey through Zero Vision Tool guided by ZVT White Paper, which can be downloaded (via the link below) or be viewed as an executive summary here on the site.