JIP LNG4Solution is about introducing the world's most environmentally efficient tankers running on LNG and reducing emissions in the Baltic Sea.  LNG4Solution consists four new-buildings and one possible retrofit. 

The Joint Industry Project LNG4Solution aims to significantly reduce airborne emissions over the whole supply chain for oil products in the Baltic Sea. 

State of the art performance and innovative technology

The JIP consists of four new-buildings and one possible retrofit. Terntank will replace part of their oil product tanker fleet with 2+2 new constructions with a state of the art environmental performance, high energy efficiency and innovative technology. This makes Terntank the first shipping company that has ordered tanker vessels planned for within the cooperation and project platform Zero Vision Tool (ZVT).

The ships will be delivered at three-month intervals so that the first one will be delivered in the spring of 2016 and the fourth in the beginning of 2017.  LNG4Solution connects 31 ports in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and will support the development of LNG-bunkering facilities and bunkering procedures in the different ports. The project supports the investment in and development of the LNG infrastructure in the Baltic Sea region, uniting it with the European Union’s clean fuel strategy.

Reducing energy consumption and emissions

The engine manufacturer Wärtsilä has been developing the Wärtsilä RT-flex 50DF engine, a new low-speed, two-stroke, low-pressure, dual-fuel gas engine powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). This sustainable and environmentally friendly technology could be installed in retrofits and new constructions to provide drastic reductions in energy consumption and emissions, such as SOx, NOx, PM and CO2.

Terntank is the first shipowner to test this new innovative technology in their new constructions and will also supply Wärtsilä with a test bed for further developments. Two of the new ships will be long-term chartered by NEOT, North European Oil Trade Oy, in Finland, one by Preem and one by ST1 Nordic Oy.

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