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Project aim: Installation of a ballast water management system on board M/T Ternhav, with the objective to make the vessel fully compliant with the requirements of the forthcoming Ballast Water Management Convention and the US type approval. 

JIP Bothnia Bulk aims to create a more energy-efficient, low-emission and regular year-round supply chain of dry bulk cargo in the Baltic Sea, by increasing efficiency, reducing overall logistics costs and make raw material logistics more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

JIP Crew Transfer Vessel project idea is to construct a sustainable Crew Transfer Vessel which can be flexible and able to carry up to 60 passengers safely under the regulations of a combination of HSC code, cargo vessel rules and that the definition of Industrial Personnel will be in force.

To continue the way forward to reach a new normal where green investments are the natural choice, different financial mechanisms need to be developed. One possible instrument is an ECA Bonus.

JAP EPI - Environmental Performance Indicator, was started and lifted as a proposed solution where, inter alia, Ports of Sweden, Swedish Shipowners’ Association and Swedish Maritime Administration were involved. 

JIP EVOlution is participating in the establishment of an LNG infrastructure via Pilot LNG by building a dual-fuel tanker vessel for transporting petroleum products and chemicals.

The Finnish Maritime Cluster started as a two year project (2015-2016) funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. In May 2016 they decided to sign a cooperation agreement with ZVT.

The project aim is to establish a risk sharing instrument (as a complement to the EIB product for vessels) where industry projects are applicants, and pricing is partly based on the level of societal benefits. 

Coralius is the first state-of-the-art LNG bunker and feeder vessel to be built in Europe. 

JIP IWW is aiming to find and demonstrate the benefits of an extended use of the inland waterways in Sweden. The group suggests two full scale trials, one on the west and one on the east coast of Sweden. The long term objectives of the JIP is to establish a new sustainable transport system.