Coralius is the first state-of-the-art LNG bunker and feeder vessel to be built in Europe. 

The 5,800m3 vessel will have a duel-fuel engine and many other technical solutions to assure environmental excellence. The design has been optimized for safe and reliable bunkering operations. The vessel is a crucial part of the establishment of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) infrastructure in the Skagerrak/Kattegat area and the Baltic Sea. The development of this vessel is a part of a Joint Industry Project that is run through the unique collaboration platform Zero Vision Tool, where the maritime industry works together to meet future environmental challenges.
  • Type: LNG feeder and carrier
  • Delivery: June 2017
  • Size: 5,800 m3



Coralus is part of the JIP Flexi, which was participating in the establishment of an LNG infrastructure via Pilot LNG by building a vessel with a fast, efficient and safe bunkering system for LNG bunkering in- and offshore, as well as developing efficient procedures for LNG bunkering. The Flexi vessel (Coralius) is a bunker tanker that will be designed and built to support the distribution of LNG for gas fuelled ships. 

A bunker vessel is an essential part of the infrastructure chain necessary to provide LNG to vessels operating in the Baltic Sea.

Development of a fast, efficient and safe bunkering system and procedures for LNG bunkering inshore and offshore is also part of the activity.

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