ZVT Progress Chart

Welcome to the Zero Vision Tool Project Progress Chart (version 1.0).

Zero Vision Tool Progress chart consists of separate project timelines which are the arteries of the entire ZVT body. Once you enter the overview of the whole chart, you are invited to choose whichever one project and, by clicking on its name, to enter the treasury filled with its experience.

Zero Vision Tool is a pioneering platform and collaboration method for shipping stakeholders to develop and maintain activities that bring benefits to the sea, to the society, and also are economically prosperous. ZVT success was made possible due to engagement of its stakeholders and their eagerness to innovate and make a paradigm shift in how can industry work together with other stakeholders to cope with environmental and economic challenges of today. Therefore, its actual results are way much more than a new vessel, a retrofitted engine or a newly defined scrubber technology. The main achievements actually are the conditions that ZVT participants had to create themselves, in order for being able to deliver these concrete outcomes. This work happened over the course of project development, over the few years’ time. ZVT is a pioneering platform, and here it provides a pioneering way of bringing its results to you. We make available them as an overview of those small steps that were necessary to be taken in order to make the big change happen. This is how we see exchange of experience and lessons learnt – one of the corner stones of ZVT method.