EU Projects

Evaluating a new-generation lightweight scrubber technology

The aim of the Pilot Scrubber EU project is to evaluate a new-generation lightweight scrubber technology by installing and operating a full scale scrubber on a vessel operating in the Baltic Sea. Focus lies on salinity and winter conditions with ice as well as on waste handling.

Pilot Scrubber was initiated by JIP SIC partners and additional partners from Finland and the Netherlands.

The project has received financial support from the European Union via the TEN-T programe for pilot installation of new innovative lightweight scrubber technology in two Ro-Ro vessels operating in the Baltic Sea and in the North Sea.

The ports frequented by the ships are Port of Oulu, Port of Kemi, Port of Gothenburg, Port of Lübeck, and Port of Zeebrugge/Antwerp.

Project partners