What is a Pilot Project?

Some of the Zero Vision Tool industrial projects (JIP) have come together to seek co-funding from the European Union via the TEN-T programme Motorways of the Sea. This has resulted in the formation of three Pilot projects.

Our full-scale Pilot projects Pilot LNG, Pilot Methanol and Pilot Scrubber are focusing on installation, verification and demonstration of new technology as well as infrastructure solutions and regulatory needs. In Pilot LNG entire transport systems are implemented by combining different JIPs. The Pilot projects also provide analyses and result summaries that will form an important basis for future actions and investments by stakeholders (“Followers”).

The main aim of all the three Pilots is to contribute with a cost-effective solution that meets the regulations that are coming into effect in the northern European Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) in 2015. Since the stakeholder conditions vary, the three Pilots represent three solutions equally important to succeed.

The total estimated industry investment is €112 million of which €40 million can be granted by the European Union. The €40 million represents the estimated additional costs for being the “forerunner”, trying new methods and technology as well as leading the way for followers.