Pilot LNG

Main objectives

  • Establish a pilot LNG supply and transport infrastructure, and provide LNG from a bunker vessel to commercial end-users, entering/leaving the Baltic Sea, primarily in the Gothenburg/Skaw area
  • Deploy and demonstrate new LNG technology in full scale pilot actions
  • Participate in discussions, e.g. with the BPO-consortia, to develop a strategy for further implementation of LNG terminal infrastructure for loading LNG to bunker vessels in the Baltic Sea
  • Investigate how a financial mechanism can be setup in order to support ship-owners/operators in converting their fleets to new technology, especially taking into consideration the necessary phase-in when new regulations come into force

How to resolve the objectives



  • Realisation of an LNG terminal to support shore based industries is already underway, including a connection to enable loading of LNG to off-shore based industry (via JIP FLEXI)
  • Risk- and handling analysis for a LNG conversion when conducted at a Swedish yard (JIP LNG CONV)


Participation in the development of the IMO IGF code as well as ISO-studies.


Lessons Learned to Followers regarding:
1. how to effectively run and operate vessels in each Pilot
2. an overall financial risk analysis and operational analysis