EU Projects

Establishing an LNG bunkering infrastructure

The aim of the EU project Pilot LNG is to establish an LNG bunkering infrastructure. This structure includes all components required to ship LNG from the gas supplier to the LNG terminal, from the terminal to the bunker vessel, and from the bunker vessel to the LNG fuelled vessels.

Investments in the port infrastructure and in LNG fuelled ships are made simultaneously, and supply and demand will be coordinated in time.

Pilot LNG is a EU TEN-T funded project (2012-EU-21009-M) consisting of six Joint Industry Projects (JIP):  ScanbunkFlexiSSD&BEVOlutionLNG Sea River and LNG CONV.

Pilot LNG main activities

Act. 1. SCANBUNK - Terminal
Act. 2. FLEXI - Bunker vessel
Act. 3. SSD&B - Feeder vessel
Act. 4. EVOlution - LNG fuelled tanker
Act. 5. LSR - LNG fuelled Dry Cargo vessel
Act. 6. LNG CONV - Conversion to LNG
Act. 7. Compilation and evaluation, financing schemes
Act. 8. Project management and dissemination of result

Project partners