ZVT Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a tool to help us decide what is appropriate and what is inappropriate when it comes to behaving in an ethically, socially and/or environmentally correct manner.

We aim to be objective, transparent and respect one another. Honesty and integrity will govern our work regardless of the situation. Transparency, integrity and objectivity are key words which will strengthen our team and hopefully contribute to give the collaborative platform a leading reputation worldwide.

We deem the following points important to observe:

  • We cooperate.
  • We share knowledge.
  • We represent professionalism in our field.
  • We respect one another’s knowledge and skills.

 Ethical questions to ask yourself:

  • Will I still stand behind this message tomorrow?
  • Will I be able to sleep at night if I go through with this?
  • Could this have a negative impact on our common aspiration towards the zero vision?
  • Is there another way of doing this which would not involve any ethical conflict?

In brief: think before you act.