First LNG bunkering in Port of Amsterdam

Fure West is now en route again and running on LNG fuel.Today she will be the first sea going vessel to bunker LNG in Port of Amsterdam. 

As one of the results of the EU project Pilot LNG, the Joint Industry Project (JIP) LNGCONV has converted the vessel Fure West to run on LNG, and will today be the first sea going vessel to bunker LNG in Port of Amsterdam. 

In 2012 JIP LNGCONV started its work with the objectives to;

·        Convert, and run, a main engine on LNG to show environmental benefits

           (+ identify pros and cons if converting auxiliary engines too),

·        Lead the path to reduced operational costs,

·        Identify, and evaluate, the workflow of the engine conversion to generate

          new technology development,

·        Identify if new gas driven vessel solutions are needed,

·        Generate lessons learned and identify education needs,

·        Identify, and solve, safety risks and combine with environmental winnings,

·        Implement ISO500001 with eventual add-ons, show simulations, preferably with

          use of SEECT and investigate the total energy efficiency.


When deciding to join Pilot LNG in the common work to establish an LNG infrastructure, their strive intensified. Included in the JIP LNGCONV are shipowner, ports, yard, class and suppliers, all adding their knowledge to the mix.


Follow Fure West Master via JIP’s in Real Life to find pictures and updates from this first bunkering in Port of Amsterdam.


 Update November 23d:

Fure West has successfully completed bunkering LNG in the port of Amsterdam. The bunkering was done by road tanker, and the photos are taken from outside the safety zone which was implemented by the port for the facilitation of the operation. All parties were very satisfied with the outcome and Fure West is on the way again!

Fure West Bunkering