Interventions at UN Ocean Conference

During the UN Ocean Conference ZVT made two interventions on behalf of Green Team and Swedish Initiatives for Agenda 2030. 

In additions to speak at the side event Innovative & Sustainable Ocean based Economy (arranged by the Swedish Ministry for Enterprise and Innovation and OECD), and together with Confederation for Swedish Enterprise and Swedish Steel Producers' Association, arrange the side event Swedish Initiatives for Agenda 2030, two interventions were made; one at the Partnership Dialogue 03 (minimising acidification) and in the Plenary.

Below you can find the two interventions where we lift the five industry voluntary commitments, we invite others to share the vision, methood and collaboration to reach the vision of zero accidents, emissions and discharge for transport at sea, and by that reach the new normal state where green solutions are the natural choice. We also lift the DSM meeting in September where Baltic and North Sea stakeholders are invited through HELCOM and CBSS to take the next step for Agenda 2030.