EUSBSR messages are realised one by one

Finally we have the videos ready from the EUSBSR Main Session 04 that was held November 9, 2016.

It's a true pleasure to see that the messages delivered here are, one by one, coming true. See and listen to the Swedish Minister for Infrastructure Anna Johansson, the Finnish Minister of Transport & Communication Anne Berner and the EU Director General for Mobility & Transport Henrik Hololei when they lift the importance of, and suggesting strategies for, next step for a safer, more environmentally, climate and energy efficient transport by sea. 

Also listen to the CEO of Stena Line Niclas Mårtensson, the CEO of Viking Line Jan Hanses, the IVL Professor Erik Fridell and the CEO of ZVT Carl Carlsson when they comment from their perspectives on what is needed for an even more sustainable shipping community.