ZVT Video: Scanbunk, a hub for LNG Bunkering

JIP Scanbunk is developing a hub for LNG bunkering in Scandinavia. Watch the new project video here.

The Joint Industry Project (JIP) Scanbunk is participating in the establishment of an LNG infrastructure via Pilot LNG by developing a hub for LNG bunkering in Scandinavia. The capacity of the storage is 30 000 m3 and the present operation permit allows a total handling of 250 000 tonnes of LNG per year. 


 JIP Scanbunk is presented today at the Motorways of the Sea Conference 2015 together with the five other JIPs within the framework of Pilot LNG. 

Do you want to know more about JIP Scanbunk? We invite you to visit the Scanbunk Project Progress Timeline, where you can find the treasury filled with the projects experience here