#GotMoS Presentations

Please find below, the presentations held at the Motorways of the Sea Conference on "Sustainable shipping for reduction of emissions" in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Key Notes - 18 November

Lolan ErikssonSenior Advisor, Finnish Government, Ministry of Transport Safety & Environment

Go to the presentation: The Roadmap for the Baltic Sea Sustainable Shipping

Mikael Castanius, CEO, Ports of Sweden

Go to the presentation: Ports' view on sustainable shipping

Pia Berglund, CEO, Swedish Shipowners' Association

Go to the presentation: Shipowners' view on sustainable shipping


Pilot Scrubber – 18 November

Björn Forsman, JIP leader, Project Manager SSPA

Stefan Horndahl, Senior Advisor, Stora Enso

Christer Green, Head of Fleet Manager, Transatlantic Industrial Shipping

Go to the presentation: Pilot Scrubber

David Turner, JUP leader, Professor, Gothenburg University

Go to the presentation: JUP SHIpH


Pilot Methanol – 18 November

Per Stefensson, JIP leader, Marine Standards Advisor, Stena Teknik

Go to the presentation: Pilot Methanol overview

Toni Stojcevski, Project Manager, Wärtsilä

Go to the presentation: Engine overview


Make a Difference – 18 November

Maria Bännstrand, JIP leader, Project Manager, SSPA

Kari Granberg, Project Manager Newbuildings, Viking Line

Christian Sjöberg, Project Manager, FKAB

Ulrika Roupé, Project Manager, SSPA

Go to the presentation: Make a Difference


Pilot LNG - 18 November

Magnus Wikander, JIP leader, Sales & Marketing Manager Ship Design, SSPA

Go to the presentation: Pilot LNG overview

Anders Bejre, Technical Manager, Sirius Shipping

Go to the presentation: JIP Flexi

Roger Göthberg, Director Sales & Marketing, Skangass

Go to the presentation: JIP ScanBunk

Roger Nilsson, CEO, Donsö Tank

Go to the presentation: JIP SSD&B

Lars Höglund, CEO, Furetank

Clas Gustafsson, Technical Manager, Furetank

Go to the presentation: JIP LNG Conv

Henrik Källsson, Deputy Managing Director, Erik Thun AB

Go to the presentation: JIP LSR


LNG Rotterdam - Gothenburg - 18 November

Elias Wästberg, Public Affairs, Port of Gothenburg

Johan Zettergren, Manager Business Development, Port of Gothenburg

Guus Vogels, Gate Terminal, Vopak

Go to the presentation: LNG Rotterdam-Gothenburg


Midway Alignment - 18 November

Mathias Lindström, Project Leader Midway Alignment, Director Kvarken Council

Go to the presentation: Overview Midway Alignment

Patrik Malka, GM Ship Power Solution Development, Wärtsilä

Toumas Linna, Project Manager, Wärtsilä

Go to the presentation: Overview Ship

Torvald Hvistendahl, Project Manager SSPA

Go to the presentation:  Overview Transport Concept


Langh Scrubber - 18 November

Laura Langh Lagerlöf, Langh Ship

Go to the presentation: Overview Scrubber


Motorways of the Sea Conference  - 19 November

Jose Anselmo, TEN-T/MoS Policy Advisor

Go to the presentation: The MoS ambitions and the MoS 2015-17 report


Key Notes - 19 November

Carl-Johan Hagman, CEO, Stena Rederi

Go to the presentation: Shipping situation in ECA

Tomas Aminoff, Director Ship Power Technology Strategy, Wärtsilä

Go to the presentation: Technology compliance for sustainable shipping

Sveinung Oftedal, Senior Adviser, Norwegian Ministry of Climate & Environment

Go to the presentation: IMO – MEPC, what to come


Strategic Input - 19 November

Michele Acciaro, Professor, Doctor, Maritime Logistics, The KLU

Go to the presentation: Availability and prices of alternative fuels for shipping

Birgitta Losman, Regional Council

Go to the presentation: Area development and the jobs

Dr. Panayotis G. Zacharioudakis, R&D Director, OceanFinance

Go to the presentation: Poseidon-Med Project

Antonio Melcón, General Manager, Cepsa Gas Comercializadora (CGC)

Go to the presentation: World Wide LNG retailing

Harry Robertsson, Chair SSA´s Research Committee, Technical Director, Stena Teknik

Go to the presentation: Swedish ship-owners' research agenda and the need for full scale implementation projects


Next Step - 19 November

Carl Carlsson, Zero Vision Tool. Research & Environment, SSA

Go to the presentation: The Baltic Sustainable Shipping Toolbox

Benoit Loicq, Director Maritime, Safety & Environment, ECSA

Go to the presentation: A Financial Instrument

Claes Berglund, Director PR & Sustainability, Stena

Go to the presentation: ECA Bonus

Christer Bruzelius, CEO, Destination Gotland

Go to the presentation: New Industry Joint Project - LNG

Tryggve Möller, CEO, Terntank

Go to the presentation: New Industry Joint Project – LNG

Per Wimby, Project Manager, Stena Teknik

Go to the presentation: New Industry Joint Project – Electricity