ZVT Radio: Preem

The main strength is simply that we share knowledge instead of each searching for our own solution individually, says Katarina Sundvall, Preem Shipping, one of the participants in JIP MaD. Listen to the interview in Swedish or read the English translation.



Objective: Identify, minimise, and if possible eliminate, some of the thresholds in relation to operating a dual fuel vessel (focusing on LNG) and integrating with port.
Participants: Sirius Shipping, Preem, FKAB, DNV GL, Viking Line, SRF, SSPA


Katarina Sundvall, Preem Shipping. Which JIP is your organisation involved in?

- We are involved in MaD, Make a Difference.

Which other organisations are part of MaD?

- In addition to Preem, partners in this JIP are Sirius, FKAB, DNV, Viking Line, SSA and SSPA. There are also supporting organisations such as the Finnish Shipowners’ Association, Ports of Stockholm, Skangass and MAN.

What do you consider to be the advantages of working with Make a Difference?

- The advantage is that there are a number of us aiming for the same targets, and this work is made much faster by working together and using shared knowledge in order to reach these targets. If we were all working individually we would almost certainly be replicating each others’ work on the same issue. Here we can organise ourselves under one umbrella, which provides a different gravity and strength.

What is the main strength, in your opinion?

- The main strength is simply that we share knowledge instead of each searching for our own solution individually.

What do you consider to be the advantages, if any, of being part of a project that is carried out using the Zero Vision Tool?

- We gain a common structure between all participants, which gives a completely different gravity to the JIP. We also gain an insight into how others intend to resolve the Sulphur Directive, for example, knowing more about “scrubbers”, other alternatives such as methanol etc. and not just LNG which we are currently focusing on.

Thank you very much.